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TS500R Multi-Purpose Digital Controller

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TS500R Multi-Purpose Digital Controller

  • The TS500R Multi-Purpose Digital Controller is capable of controlling Pneumatic Valves, Spray Valves, and Rotary Auger Valves. With a universal power supply, the TS500R is a fully ‘plug and play' system and can be used immediately, anywhere in the world, with its accompanying tools and accessories. 


    The TS500R Multi-Purpose Digital Controller is equipped with digital timer and pressure read-out on a large LCD screen. Pressure can be set in both psi or bar. The user friendly firmware provides an option of programming up to 10 varied, sequenced or individual shots. These systems have a user programmable manual (purge) and automatic dispense cycle settings (program and time) and the they feature a "Teach Mode" for determining the dispensing time required when dispensing output is unknown. 

    Integration into semi-automatic and automatic machinery is easy with the interface connector on the rear of this system. Through use of the interface port, the dispense cycle can be initiated, stopped and an end-of cycle signal can be fed back to the host machine in order to start the next dispense cycle. A low pressure warning feature is also included to help maintain uninterrupted dispensing.

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