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Adhesive dispensers have three dispensing methods: manual handheld, semi-automatic and automatic. Each is used in several different industries, including aerospace, manufacturing of medical devices and assembly of electronics. Our full adhesive dispensing system line addresses the needs of most dispensing applications, such as:

  • Bonding with cyanoacrylate

  • Doming

  • Microdot adhesive

  • Spray conformal coating

  • Gasketing

  • Dam writing

  • Solder paste

Bonding With Cyanoacrylate Application 
CA is a very frequently used adhesive in the generic bonding application and it is required in a moisture resistant dispensing system. The  TS5622VU Diaphragm valve along with the TS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controller and tank option is a perfect system for this application.

Domed Logo Badges Application (Doming)

Consumer & business products often display the manufacturer's name on a sticker that is encapsulated underneath a dome of fluid. This is called "Doming" and is commonly used as this adds a better "look and feel" to the product. The TS5622VU-DVD with the TS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controller and tank option is a perfect system for this application.

Microdot Adhesive Application

Most medical device manufacturing applications require a dispensing system that can provide a highly repeatable dispensing of UV adhesives. With the unique needle shut off design inside the dispensing tip, the TS5440 - Microshot Needle Valve is a perfect choice for these applications. The TS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controller is recommended for this valve.

Spray Conformal Coating Application The TS5540 Series - Spray Valves along with the TS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controller and tank option is an ideal system to spray conformal coating material on the surface of an assembled printed circuit board to provide protection against moisture, dust and corrosion from extreme environments.

Gasketing Application

When a high throughput or large shot size is required for gasketing or similar “Form-in-place-gasket” applications, the TS941 Series - High Pressure Spool Valve along with TS350 - Digital Fluid Dispenser is the recommended system choice. Whether the fluid is fed from a cartridge or pail pump, the TS941 Series will dispense accurately and consistently through a dispensing nozzle or dispensing tip.

For finer deposit control of sealing material, the TS5322 Series - Mini Spool Valve with the TS350 controller is recommended.

Dam Writing Application

The  TS7000 Series - Interchangeable Meterial Path (IMP) Rotary Valve along with the TS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controller is an ideal dispensing system to dispense the “Dam” around the die of an integrated circuit (i.c.) as an alternative method to using the pre-form molded design. 

Solder Paste Dispensing

Solder paste is the most difficult material to dispense. The  TS7000 Series - Interchangeable Meterial Path (IMP) Rotary Valve is designed specifically to dispense solder paste without clogging and separation. Dot size as small as 0.010” (0.254mm) can be dispensed consistently. A majority of automated dispensing systems incorporate the TS7000 Series Valve for solder paste dispensing.

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