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Can you trust your current dispenser vendor?

At DewNorth Technologies, all dispenser components are packaged and sold in quantities of 50 pcs/box, regardless of “cc” size. So no matter what size you buy, you get the same number of pieces per box. The same count.

This is optimal and only makes sense as all needle tips are also packaged with 50 pcs/box options only. So you get a 1 to 1 ratio between dispensers and needle tips. There’s no hidden charge for ordering different sizes.

Our competition packages components very differently. It’s a bit sneaky. They slide a profit increase into their unit counts, hoping you won’t notice. Note the switch as they increase piece size with the pieces per box count:

3cc qty=50 pcs/box​

5cc qty=40 pcs/box

10cc qty=30 pcs/box

30cc qty=20 pcs/box

55cc qty=15 pcs/box.

This diminishing quantity per box theme from our competition allows them to charge much more for each individual piece and hide it in the “box” quantity.

A head-to-head example:


55cc Brl/pist, $70.14 per box, “50” pcs. price per each piece, $1.40

Competitor N——

55cc Brl/pist, $46.19 per box, “15” pcs. Price per each piece, $3.08

That is: DewNorth Technologies saves you $1.68 every 55cc syringe barrel and piston!

On an order of ONE BOX, Qty 50-55cc barrel/piston, that is an overall savings of $84.00!!!

Value. Quality. Service.

DewNorth Technologies offers an alternative to high priced dispensing equipment and components commonly used in medical, electrical, automotive, defense, and general industrial manufacturing environment.

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