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Now is the Time for Your Bench-Top Dispenser's Performance Review

The bench-top dispenser is a vital cog in process manufacturing where both fluids and adhesives are used on a daily basis. Whether using a hand held syringe barrel or operator controlled semi-automated valve option, the bench-top dispenser is the leading tool in process manufacturing technology.

TS 250 Bench-Top Dispenser

The problem is that, over time, whether from age, lack of care, adhesive curing, multiple users, you name it….the dispenser can become dated and begin to feel the effects of all the above.

As dispensers age, parts such as pressure regulators, digital timers, vacuum suck-back features all become dated and less reliant. The amount of adhesive waste associated with an old or damaged dispenser may be greater than initially imagined, resulting in increased adhesive costs along with higher reject rates.

If your current bench-top dispenser is over five years old, missing knobs or buttons, and/or leaking air either from the input connection or vacuum venturi function, the writing is on the wall for a new dispenser.

A new dispenser can greatly aid in both the areas of adhesive waste and reject rates. Simply put, the dispenser would pay itself off in a very short time by delivering accurate and precise dispensing and repeatability thus maximizing productivity.

From low viscosity fluids such as solvent to thick grease, RTV, and epoxies, the bench-top dispenser can be your savior. Now may be the best time to take advantage of a replacement or upgrade.

Check out our TS Series Bench-Top Dispensers here. Not only are they operator friendly and very simple to use, they offer only the features you need to run both timed and non-timed dispense cycles.

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